Why does my back hurt? September Postpartum Lower Back Pain Workshop.

I wish I had known about this postpartum. Struggling with lower back pain is not fun when all you do all day long is lift. Leaving you feeling defeated at the end of the day or dreading the idea of working out in fear of having to deal with this nagging pain for the rest of the day. Who would have ever guessed one move would have made all the difference, or that incorporating certain exercises and strengthening glutes and core would have been the solution I was looking for?!?

If you missed this morning's workshop, don't worry we got you covered. You can still purchase the workshop!! Workshops will be available as digital purchases in the shop.

In this workshop, I will cover:

•Workshop guiding question; Is pain an indication of muscle weakness?

•Red flags; When it is time to see the doctor.

•Back pain during pregnancy

•Back pain postpartum

•Case Studies; describe two different scenarios which I see most commonly in postpartum clients.

•Troubleshooting exercises; Mastering the hip hinge and much more!

•Improving back pain in everyday life (tips & tricks)


•Posture and program assessment options

Still, have questions? Want to know more? Ready for a consult? Let's Talk!!! I am also happy to help in any way I can, please feel free to drop me a message.

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